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  • stoeverglass A Good Place to Shop for Bonds
  • stoeverglass A Good Place to Shop for Bonds
  • stoeverglass A Good Place to Shop for Bonds
  • stoeverglass A Good Place to Shop for Bonds
  • stoeverglass A Good Place to Shop for Bonds

About Stoever Glass & Co.

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Stoever Glass & Co, Inc.

Stoever Glass & Co., Inc. has specialized in Municipal Bonds for individual investors for 50 years. We are located in the heart of the financial district at 30 Wall Street in New York City. If you have questions, please feel free to call any Stoever Glass representative at 1-800-223-3881.
Accrued Interest – Interest earned on a bond since the last interest payment.
Maturity – The date upon which the principal becomes due.
Callable Bond – A bond which is subject to redemption prior to maturity at the option of the issuer.
Current Yield – The percent of interest in relation to the market price of a bond.
Yield to Maturity – The annualized percentage of income from a bond---your actual true yield.
General Obligation – A bond secured by a pledge of the issuer’s full faith, credit and taxing power.
Revenue Bond – A bond payable from the revenues collected from the users of a specified project.

Free Educational Articles


An Introduction to Municipal Bonds

The income from municipal bonds is tax free (unless otherwise indicated), and that is what initially attracts investors. And one step further---most states exempt their bonds from state income tax for residents of their state. General obligations and essential service revenue bonds in particular have also had an excellent record for safety.


An Inside Look at the Rating Game

Often, comparing the ratings of municipal bonds can be like comparing readings on Fahrenheit and Centigrade thermometers. A hospital’s A rated bond is obviously weaker than the A rated general obligation bond of the town in which it is located. In dollars and cents the impact is that some investors, looking at ratings only, and not differentiating among the various types of bonds, may get less value for their money. The knowledgeable investor may be able to benefit by increasing yield without sacrificing quality.


Municipal Bond Portfolio Planning Kit

Find out how to select the type of Municipals that best suit your personal circumstances.


Municipals and the Volume Premium

The volume discount is one of the first and most elementary lessons we learn in business. But in the municipal bond market, you might be surprised to find that just the opposite is true. How can that be? Why would I usually pay more, and receive lower yields, when I buy larger lots? The answer is simple. It is supply and demand. The larger the lot, the more demand resulting in higher prices and lower yields.


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