Fixed Income Investments

Fixed Income Investment

For over 50 years Stoever Glass has continuously scoured the municipal bond market for undervalued bonds for clients and are able to find them every day. Sometimes it’s a few basis points sometimes its many points (Click to Read). We handle municipal bonds of every state, every maturity, and every rating; from 5 bonds  to a million or more.

Over the years we have added many services and products that complement our fixed income heritage. We offer Corporate Bonds with a variety of ratings. Taxable Municipal Bonds in all 50 states as well as US Government Agency Bonds and Certificates of Deposit.

We are located at 30 Wall Street but our clients are located throughout the United States.


Wealth Management

Wealth Management

Stoever Glass created Stoever Glass Wealth Management in 2014 to complement the services we have provided our High Net Worth individuals and their families for over 50 years.  As a full-service Wealth Management Firm and through our strategic partners, we now have the capability to serve our clients and their future generations in investment advisory, financial planning and liability management.  

Our advisory platform offers you custom portfolios or Exchange Traded Fund (ETF) strategies based on your risk and needs.  While our custom portfolios are more tailored toward the specific and individual needs of our clients, our ETF strategies offer a conservative, moderate and/or aggressive approach toward foreign and domestic ETF sector rotation.  The Relative Strength of these sectors and countries toward their peer groups and benchmark index is used as a determination of the underlying investments. Past performance is no indication or guarantee of future return.


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Why Choose Stoever Glass

We are Experts in Tax-Free Municipal Bonds!When we founded Stoever Glass & Co. over 50 years ago as specialists in Municipal Bonds, few other firms were dedicated to providing advice solely on bonds. As we’ve grown over the years we haven’t lost sight of our heritage and have embraced the fact that we are focused on fixed income. We are experts in municipal bonds. 

We strive to educate our clients and provide unparalleled expertise in finding the right bonds for every client. We Encourage You to Work with a Bond Expert! We offer a higher level of sophistication in bond investing to our clients. In the past you had to rely on a novice sales force of traditional firms whose brokers knew little about municipal bonds. Stoever Glass can provide you with the professional expertise and extensive resources typically available only to institutional investors. Our traders and salespeople do nothing but bonds; all day, every day! See the Difference Stoever Glass Can Make! Stoever Glass was founded specializing in tax-free bonds. Although we have added many services over the last 50 years to better serve our clients, we continue to believe that high quality fixed income investments can serve as the cornerstone of a balanced portfolio. Unlike many competitors, we offer individual investors direct access to municipal bonds in both the primary and secondary markets. While some of our clients are looking to buy and hold, others are interested in trading opportunities. 

We provide the opportunities that each client is looking for with a full service trading desk, current market information, and investing opinions and research designed to help our clients make informed decisions. We provide competitive yields because our active municipal bond trading desk identifies and purchases hundreds of attractively priced bonds every day so we can pass the savings along to you in the form of higher yields. We encourage you to work with a bond expert! The centerpiece of our educational series is The Municipal Bond Portfolio Planning Kit. We encourage you to download a Free Copy today.

Our online bond inventory, is a useful tool to search for your fixed income investment needs, from thousands of tax free municipal and zero coupon bonds. You can call us at (800) 223-3881 to obtain more information about corporate bonds, high yield bonds, agencies and government bond inventory or you can have one of our experienced investment professionals answer your questions at no cost or obligation.

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