Roland Stoever: Quarterly Market Review: July-September 2018
10/01/2018 | The third quarter proved to be very strong for domestic stocks.
Roland Stoever: Market Week: October 1, 2018
10/01/2018 | Rising interest rates and ramped-up trade wars put a damper on stocks last week.
Roland Stoever: Market Week: September 24, 2018
09/24/2018 | Performance of the benchmark indexes listed here was a mixed bag last week.
Roland Stoever : Market Week: September 17, 2018
09/17/18 | Tech and foreign stocks led the way as the market rebounded from the prior week's decline.
Roland Stoever: Market Month: August 2018
09/04/2018 | Stocks enjoyed a record-setting month in August as several of the benchmark indexes reached new all-time highs during the month.
Roland Stoever : Market Week: September 10, 2018
09/10/2018 | Apparently a strong labor report, which included increasing wages, wasn't enough to quell investors' fears as stocks plummeted last week.
Roland Stoever : Market Week: August 27, 2018
08/27/2018 | Despite a week that included yet more tariff trepidations and negative headlines on the political front, investors celebrated last Friday as several indexes hit new highs.
Roland Stoever: Market Week: August 6, 2018
08/06/2018 | Tech and mid-cap stocks performed best last week following strong second-quarter corporate earnings reports.
Roland Stoever: Market Week: August 13, 2018
08/13/2018 | Despite the continued strength shown in corporate earnings reports, investors reeled in their enthusiasm last week, sending the large caps of both the S&P 500 and the Dow plummeting.
Roland Stoever: Market Week: May 7, 2018
05/07/2018 | Despite a closing rally last Friday, large caps closed the week down from the prior week.


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