Stoever Glass Research on Fixed Income Investment

For over 50 years Stoever Glass has continuously scoured the municipal bond market for undervalued bonds for clients and we are able to find them every day. We handle municipal bonds of every state, every maturity, every rating and from smaller pieces to a million or more.

Over the years we have added services and products that complement our fixed income heritage. We offer Corporate Bonds with a variety of ratings. Taxable Municipal Bonds as well as US Government Agency Bonds and FDIC insured Certificates of Deposit.

Stoever Glass & Co. is the nation’s oldest municipal bond specialty firm, with over a half-century experience at the intersection of finance and politics. As such, its leadership is uniquely qualified to offer expert analysis and commentary as these stories unfold.

We are located at 30 Wall Street, New York, NY but our clients are located throughout the United States.

Stoever Glass & Co. Director of Credit Analysis, Hernando Montero-Salazar and President, Roland Stoever are available for quotes and comments, as well as for interviews to discuss current events and developing topics in the field of municipal finance. Brief biographies of the two with their contact information are enclosed below.

If you are on a deadline, you can connect with them directly as follows: Mr. Montero-Salazar at and Mr. Stoever at The phone number for both is 212-952-1910.

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