Fred Stoever

Fred Stoever

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Born: January 24, 1937 in West New York, NJ.

Starting at age 15, Fred was working in his father’s company carrying stoves up and down narrow tenement stairs with grown men. Some of them were old black coal stoves and combination stoves which were very heavy to say the least. The good news was that Fred could feel himself getting much stronger.

18 years old at father's stove rebuildingshop

When it was time to go to college, Fred based his selection on information he found in Lovejoy’s College Catalogue. As a 17 year old doing the thinking, he chose McDaniel College because it was further south so he thought he would be able to start playing baseball earlier in the spring. Also, at that time it was one of the few colleges that was half boys and half girls. Fred thought that combination would give him a better chance at both- - -Girls and Baseball. What else could a young man want?

Of course there was also studying so Fred majored in economics and scored in the 91st percentile on the Graduate Record Exam which was given at every Ivy League school.

Fred was also the only one in his graduating class to be in the starting lineup in three different sports during his senior year at McDaniel College—baseball, wrestling and soccer. Soon after graduation he was offered a professional baseball contract, but unfortunately that was just before he was scheduled to join the Army. When his active duty was over he went back to working in his father’s company until his father said to “get out and stand on your own two feet”. So he landed a Wall Street mail room job but at age 27 after slightly more than three years and with financial help from his wife Renate and small loans from his father and father-in-law, he opened his own Wall Street Bond firm with less than 25% of what was generally acknowledged to be the absolute minimum amount of capital required. Fred honored his father by taking a very similar business name Stoever Glass & Co. His company, soon became very profitable surprising everyone including his father.

As the business prospered, we had an unprecedented revelation. While on a routine search for undervalued bonds, a Stoever Glass representative made a startling discovery. During the New York City financial crisis, their bonds were selling at 30 cents on the dollar so to try to take maximum advantage of these bargains for our clients, we reasoned that the New York City Housing bonds might have two levels of coverage: the rentals plus the City’s guarantee. What we found proved to be much greater. All of this searching eventually led to the discovery that these issues were actually guaranteed by the Federal Government. Our discovery made national news and resulted in a windfall of millions for New York City Housing bondholders

Of course, successful businesses have to change with the times so like many of the leading financial institutions, we formed Stoever Glass Holding Company which is comprised of Stoever Glass Broker/dealer, Stoever Glass Wealth Management and Stoever Glass Insurance Agency. Fred Stoever is President and CEO of Stoever Glass Holding Company and Stoever Glass Broker/Dealer. Roland Stoever is President of Stoever Glass Wealth Management and Stoever Glass Insurance Agency.

Later Fred began painting wildlife in his spare time and won a second place out of 13,500 entries in an international art contest for The Artist Magazine. Fred is a wildlife enthusiast, so in 1969 he and Renate took a wildlife trip to Africa and India. While in India, they put up financing for a one square mile enclosure to help save a critically endangered deer in Kanha National Park. It was a project conceived by Ranjit Sinh and he and Fred clicked right away, becoming immediate friends. A year later, Fred found out that Ranjit was the son of the Maharaja of Wankaner and they have traveled the world together photographing wildlife ever since. Fred always says he has the world’s best and truest best friend.

Fred helped edit his wife, Renate Stoever’s book which is a first-hand account of life in the German city of Plauen before and after Hitler’s defeat. It was the end of Nazi Germany and the beginning of occupation by the Soviet Army. This is a true story about the ravages of war as seen through the eyes of a battle hardened 9-year old girl. It also contains several truly miraculous events and it is a great rags to riches story with a happy ending. The book “Escape From Plauen” has received over sixty-six 5 star reviews.

Fred recently produced a trailer treatment to help sell his wife’s book to major movie producers and directors. Because it is also being seriously considered for a full length movie.

Fred and Renate are happily married for well over 50 years and they are the proud parents of Roland Stoever.

They contribute to McDaniel College that Fred says greatly “changed his life for the better”. They have donated to St. Josephs Indian School on the Pine Ridge Sioux Indian Reservation and The Conservation Society.


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