Corporate Bonds

Corporate bonds are debt obligations, issued by corporations. When you buy a bond, you are actually lending money to the corporation that issued it, which promises to return your principal, on a specified maturity date. Until that time, they pay you a stated rate of interest; whether monthly, quarterly or semi-annually. Of course, the income interest you receive from corporate bonds is taxable.

Corporate debt is usually traded in the over-the-counter (OTC) market. The OTC market is much larger than the exchange market and most corporate bonds transactions, even those involving listed issues, take place in the OTC market.

The corporate bond market is large and very liquid, with many billions worth of daily trading volume. The total market value of outstanding corporate bonds in the United States is approximately $2.1 trillion. Investors in corporate bonds include large financial institutions, state and local pension funds, to individuals and IRA accounts. 


Corporate bonds are evaluated and assigned a rating based on credit history and ability to repay obligations. The higher the rating, the more secure the investment is considered. Debt obligations of Blue Chip companies are considered to be the most secure corporate investments.


Corporate bonds are available in a variety of sectors, structures and credit-quality characteristics to meet almost any client's investment preferences.


 Due to the size and liquidity of the market, investors have little trouble selling their corporate bonds in the open market. The "Trace" recording system helps ensure investors receive a fair and reasonable price.

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After the financial crisis in 2008, the Federal Government came up with a program for one year where municipalities could issue taxable bonds where the Federal Government would subsidize 35% of the interest on these bonds. These bonds are known as Build America Bonds and were only issued between April 2009 and December of 2010. Essentially these bonds are the same as every other taxable municipal bond as the 35% subsidy was not allocated to the bonds.

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