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 Show 17-012 Are Bond Funds for You?

Fixed-income investments offer tremendous opportunities for investors interested in reliable income and setting up a long-term legacy plan for themselves and their loved ones. Host Roland Stoever, President of Stoever Glass & Co., America’s oldest municipal bond specialty firms, describes the various options available in the sector; in particular, the advantages to certain investors of buying individual bonds as opposed to bond funds. In the second part of the show, we continue our conversation with casino executive Gary Green as he shares his colorful experiences in the worlds of business, entertainment, and media, and his thoughts on what makes for a fulfilling life’s journey.

08/02/2017 | Are Bond Funds for You? Host Roland Stoever discusses the differences between investing in bond funds vs. individual bonds; plus part two of our interview with entrepreneur, author, gaming guru, and all-around raconteur Gary Green.
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