Roland Stoever: Muni Bond Tips March 13,2019

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Muni Bond Tips March 13,2019

If you’ve been dealing with muni bonds long enough, you’ve learned that prices don’t always go up. What goes up must eventually come down. It’s all part of the business. What is important is how you react to the markets. Should you sell, stick it out or buy more? While there is never one definitive answer, an experienced bond buyer looks ahead and plans on unwanted market shifts. Wise investors can strap themselves in before riding the rollercoaster. Anxiety is never your friend, especially when it comes to the market.  

Check back tomorrow to see the difference between good and bad investing. #BondMarket #Investing #FinancialServicesFirm #AssetManagement 


03/13/2019 | Roland Stoever: Muni Bond Tips March 13,2019
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