Roland Stoever: Muni Bond Tips March 12, 2019

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Muni Bond Tips March 12, 2019

As we all know, muni bonds have experienced a steady rise in price over the past couple of years. These prices are expected to peak in 2019. That means lower interest rates for muni bond investors. Of course, it’s not all going to be smooth sailing. You can expect the Federal Reserve to be intent on raising short-term interest rates. The market will then become more susceptible to falling prices. The end result will most probably be the repricing of riskier assets, like high-yield bonds. This is why markets are reassessing their evaluations of high-yield assets.


Check back tomorrow to discover why you should remain calm when dealing with municipal bonds. #BondMarket #Investing #FinancialServicesFirm #AssetManagement

03/12/2019 | Muni Bond Tips March 12, 2019
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