Roland Stoever: Bond Tips February 11, 2019

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Bond Tips February 11, 2019

Bonds aren’t the same in every state. Depending on what state you are in, you might need to look for a bond fund that only exists in your state. Floridians don’t have to worry so much because state income tax is not an issue. Higher tax states, like California, New York, New Jersey and Connecticut, have much greater state income taxes. As a direct result, people are almost forced to invest in state bonds, rather than going out of state. Certain states, like Illinois, New Jersey and Kentucky are starting to have some problems. Perhaps they may not have issues in the long run, but to be conservative, you must be aware of everything taking place.

Check back tomorrow to learn about conservative funds, like insured bonds. #BondMarket #Investing #FinancialServicesFirm #AssetManagement

Bonds aren’t the same in every state.
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