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Q: I’m a long term investor who only buys individual muni bonds. I have a goal of getting a minimum of 4.5%. I’ve been sitting in cash waiting for rates to rise and wonder what your thoughts are on rates rising in the future? - Dan G. St.Louis

A: Dan, In the 50+ years we’ve been here, we have yet to see anyone accurately predict the direction of interest rates for any meaningful time period. The “so called” experts and economists have been forecasting higher rates for many years...

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Q: Can interest be taken out separately from municipal bonds to be used as income? Is there risk in municipal bonds from major states like New York or California? --- Jerry G.

A: Yes, most municipal bonds pay interest twice a year. The interest they pay is based on the coupon the bond was issued at. While one can never say there is no risk in bonds from large states like New York and California...

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