Investment Approach

Stoever Glass Wealth Management, like most successful investment advisory firms, follows a core investment philosophy. Theses fundamental principles guide the investment decisions we help our clients make.

  • Investments are used to achieve long-term goals, while savings are used for short-term goals.  Positioning assets in a goals-based approach where they are being considered for specific short, medium and long-term needs is a critical part of the investment planning process.
  • Asset allocation, with a diversification among stock, bond and alternative markets, reduces risk over time.  Our determination of an overall asset allocation for our clients takes precedence over the individual investments in which the assets are invested.
  • Investors should know how their investments fit into their portfolios.  Not only why they own particular assets but also why those assets are positioned in the type of account in which they are owned.
  • While minimizing investment cost is a critical factor for long-term success, we emphasize specific goals and risk tolerance before considering cost. 
  • We consider tax-efficiency a more important long-term determinant of portfolio performance.
  • Risk is multi-dimensional. Investors should weigh "shortfall risk" - the possibility that a portfolio may not meet long-term financial goals - against "market risk," - the reality that returns may and will fluctuate.
  • We do not employ short-term Market-timing or stock-picking as part of our investment philosophy.

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