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An Introduction to Municipal Bonds

The income from municipal bonds is tax free (unless otherwise indicated), and that is what initially attracts investors, and while ther's a lot more to municipals than that, this a good introduction.

How to Tell if Bond Funds are Right for You or Not

All too often people who have successfully invested in stock funds assume that tax free bond funds would be right for them. But that might not be the right investment for you because tax free bond funds are totally different from stock funds. Fortunately there are two qualifying questions you can ask yourself to see if they are right for you.

Bond Arithmetic & The Theory Behind It

This educational article explains a very complicated subject in easy to understand plain English.

An Inside Look at the Rating Game

Often, comparing the ratings of municipal bonds can sometimes be misleading. The type of municipals ( source of revenue ) is often more important than the rating. This article explains why.

Calling the Calls on Municipal Bonds and How to Use Calls to Seek Higher Yields

Investors can get hurt by bond calls, particularly when they buy premium bonds without knowing all the calls in advance. But calls can also be used to try for higher yields.

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